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My name is Andrew (as you can tell). Im 17 from Central Jersey USA. Ive been a Sniper for about 2 1/2 years, and my rifle is the UTG l96. It has some upgrades like a 6.01 tightbore, upgraded piston, spring, spring guide, and sear set. My specialty is camouflage, I construct hand made Ghillie Suits, Rifle Wraps, Backpack covers, etc..

Other than airsoft, I play drums and I also am a Filmmaker. I look at some point to bring my film making skills to airsoft and create short Airsoft movies.

Id also like to start a 2 or 3 man sniper team for just friendly competition at my local airsoft field (God Father Airsoft).

As time goes on I will be much more active in these forums as it seems there is a lot to learn about sniping which I don't know.

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Welcome to the forum. I have been looking into godfather for a while now but never actually went because I heard it was filled with little wannabe rambos with the clear pistols. I'd be love to start a team with you, but I'd also like to look into cookies chaos because I have heard great things about that field. You wouldn't happen to live in metutchen, do you? I know someone named Andrew there and he resembles you in your avatar.
Godfather does have a good amount of children, about 35% most games. Not Metutchen though, so I must not be the right Andrew:p
Okay, for a second there I thought the impossible happened; someone that I actually know joined this forum, LOL. Anyway, I would love to start a team. PM-ing.
Welcome to the forum, we'd love to see some of your movies.

Welcome to the boards!

Welcome Andrew! What fields do you normally play at in Jersey? I'm between two homes outside of Philly and in the Poconos, so I may have heard of your favorite fields before.
Thanks for the welcoming everyone! :tup:
TheTJ, the most common field I play at is called Godfather Airsoft, other than that, I haven't really been out to any other fields since I stopped playing airsoft for almost a year.
Welcome to the sniper forums buddy. Sorry I'm so late on the greeting,lol..
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It's perfectly fine! Thank You!
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