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Grouping at 60 yards

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Semi, braced. Got a ssr90, first aeg, and Im not that impressed (Until now always used a boltie). 2 foot diameter grouping (at my club's range, had a spotter downrange for sighting and marking) Maybe my expectations are high

.32's, stock spring and everthing, shooting at 1.65 J
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Does 2' @ 60 yards sound about right tho for good out of the box?
Today I was getting a lot more dings with on approx a 12" by 18" cooking pan at 35 double paces (so maybe 170-190').
2ft is like 60cm? 60cm grouping at 60m for 0,32 is not bad.
How people are spoiled these days, when I started you're lucky if an ootb gun does that at 30m. But anyways a good barrel and bucking cleaning is good practice.
Ha, glad I didnt get on board then, sounds frustrating. Guess I'm used to the boltie, but still wanted to make sure I'm getting what I pay for. Loving the p90, so much easier to handle and isnt bad to carry both
Honestly, as soon as you mention "stock" then remove any expectations of stellar accuracy - The SSR90 is by no means terrible, but achieving the sort of accuracy you're hoping for is going to require a lot of tuning. With that said, 60cm isn't dreadful......and it does give you a lot of scope for improvement. 1.65j is firmly within the middle of DMR territory for most sites near me (and indeed, the majority of the UK) and in my experience, I would be hopeful of the sort of performance that would see every BB hitting a sheet of A4 paper at 60m at least.
It seems things fall off quite rapidly after that unless youre shooting heavies. Betweem 60y and 70y the group widens some 3+ feet if I had to guess (but havent shot enough at the range yet to say fo sure)
I'll play around on the archery range this week further with my ssr90 and also with my brothers vfc avalon stock and his r-hopped elite force hk416. So I'll get to see whats up.
My prediction: moving from 60 to 70 yards puts it towards the upper limit of aeg range and shot consistancy will suffer exponentially past that range
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