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250 yards? That's 750 feet. In situations like this it's good to have photo or video evidence. Did there happen to be zero wind the day you pulled this shot off?

I too go by the range at which one can accurately hit a man-sized target to classify accurate groupings. I've never had the distances measured out because almost all of my longer shots have been in combat. But measured shots from the range I can confirm are 8" groupings at 230ft using Airsoft NW .43's.

I'm using the following:
CA M24 at 535fps (Never got around to testing out my 600+ setup)
-Laylax Teflon cylinder
-Laylax 3-element piston
-Laylax red piston cup/head
-Laylax cylinder head pro
-Laylax 7/9mm bearing spring guide
-Laylax SP150 spring
-Laylax zero trigger
-PDI M24 hopup
-KM TN 509mm 6.04 barrel
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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