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I'm just curious about people's builds and results, so post whatever groupings you have...preferably at range
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I completely agree with everything you said. I'm just posting this to get an idea of people's success with different rifle builds, in case I want to try a new one.

Umm...250 YARDS, or feet?

I also don't do strict groupings, those are estimates to give other people an idea. Honestly, I'm just getting antsy because I've been out of commission for 4 months, and it'll be another month or so until I can start playing again. So...this and target shooting are my substitutes for "getting my arse in the grass".
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Either links or a how to are great, and I'm mainly looking to mod my type 96
Interesting. But honestly I don't think .3's have less variation due to wind
I see what you're saying. For one, heavy weight bb's require a different build material, and then you get back into the bubble issue of .12's through .25's (sometimes), for instance to create .36's. Also, manufacturing is just plain better on BB's like SGM's and KSC's (above, say, madbull).

Still, gotta make do with what you have. =)
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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