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I'm just curious about people's builds and results, so post whatever groupings you have...preferably at range
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Vindicare.. I'm not going to say I flat out don't believe it was possible, but I'm with Embed on this. I'd really need to see a video or photo proof, because legitimately I've sat outside on zero wind days or wind coming in at full value to my six, and I still can't fathom touching anything over 125 yards, and the only time I've ever hit something past the 100 mark was when I was pop shooting at an electrical box from my window with Oakey.

Anyways, groupings really can't be consistant with airsoft, unlike with real weaponry, where my M4 was sighted in (BZO'd) at 200 yards in less than 10 shots. The problem is that the bb's are too light in the grand scheme of things, and wind can come into play far too often. If you could however get in one of those big dome buildings where there is zero wind and no elements (One of those football field ones) you could probably get some clean shots off and see where you're at.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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