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Guide: How to install the Wolverine Bolt in a Modelworks M40A5 stock

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My god doing this was annoying. Anyway, I'd like to share the way I did it.

Who doesn't love the M40 style rifle? The Wolverine Bolt is a pretty cool upgrade, but it has some inherent problems when installing in a Modelworks M40A5 stock. Mainly, the pistol grip of the stock is solid injection-molded, glass reinforced nylon. It makes for a well balanced gun, but makes the HPA installation difficult. Thankfully, the back end of the stock is hollow, which allows us to put the battery there.

All we want to do here is drill a hole for the main tube and wires, which requires a little bit of grinding as well.

Measure once, cut twice?
That's what I did, at least. I didn't know where anything was on the inside of the gun in terms of hollow and solid parts, so I drilled more than necessary to find entry points. Use my specially crafted diagrams (© bobcat 2017) as a map for drilling.

Stock mutilation
What we want here is to have the red drill lines intersect with the already hollow portion in blue:

The battery wires will go into the blue area, and the airline will come out the bottom of the grip where the red lines are.

After that, we need to use an angle grinder (or a chisel, Dremel, spoon, etc.) to make a small path for the battery wires and airline to go through the hole. We'll fix that stupid path later.

Ok cool let's do it.

You're going to want to do this, probably:

And then execute:

Ok cool we're on a roll. Now mark the place where the path will be. It's gotta be on the left side, since the trigger takes up the right side:

And then using your angle grinder (or chisel, Dremel, shank, etc.) dig into the stock enough to create a path. I'd say at least an inch is good.

Nice job. Let's see how it looks all put together. Make sure the battery wires go into the stock and the airline comes out the bottom of the grip.

Fixing the hole
Super. Now stop asking about the stupid hole I'll get there. Jesus.

Remove everything from the stock, and put some sort of filler material in the hole you just made. I used some sort of packing plastic, but newspaper works, too. This is used to keep a void in the path for the next step. Fill her up.

Once you have that figured out, use some sort of body filler. I used an epoxy filler, but something like Bondo polyester filler also works. Just go to the hardware store, Home Depot, etc. and ask for body filler. They'll help. Probably. Anyway. Do this:

Slather this stuff on the stock, being sure to fill the void up to the paper/plastic you stuffed in there previously. Better to use more material than you want. After it cures (see the recommended time-to-sand on the label), sand the thing down until its super smooth. I'm assuming you'll want to paint your rifle too, right?

The airline itself
So Wolverine did a shitty thing and decided to use a 1/8" OD tube. It's so small and it dangles... yuck. We want a big, meaty, veiny tube. Because looks, that's why.

The size of the tube doesn't actually matter for the Bolt because of how it works, but I did have one problem. In order to have the M40A5 stock, the tube needs to go backwards. This gets kinda kinky on us, and not in a good way:

So we have to fix that. Start by buying one of these cool looking barbed fittings (linked below):

Okay, this next step is going to be a big jump. It's like three steps in one. In quick succession, you want to buy the sexy blue tubing (linked below), then screw that barbed fitting into the pipe extension provided by Wolverine, and then push the new tubing over the fitting. phew. We did it.

Cool, now your gun is HPA and it's flashing its new sexy blue tubes. You could also get green or red. By the way, that little red piece labeled "laser cut acrylic" I made with my laser cutter. Send me a PM if you need one too.

Airline options
So now you got this cool tube hanging out. You have two options. You can either stick a 1/4" push connect fitting on the end to attach to a standard Polarstar/Wolverine QD fitting, or you could go the super duper cool way and cut the airline in half, and buy an Amped Airsoft IGL line and attach it internally using a 1/4" push connect fitting. Sexy.

The stuff you need
Barbed fitting
Sexy tubing

In conclusion
Awesome, you're done. Repaint your rifle if needed, buy the extra fittings you need, and you're finished. Hope this thing helps someone...

I'll update this thread as I make more mods to this or take more pictures.
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Nice tuto.

On my Modelwork stock, i juste drill a 10mm hole receiver ---> stock, it's very easy.
I also make a space in the grip to put the battery but it's not obligatory, you can put the battery un a pouch on the stock.

Here my SRS Wolverine Bolt and my M40 Wolverine Bolt :

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Looks awesome! You had the same idea with the 90 degree fitting; I wonder what Wolverine was thinking with the straight fitting...

What model SRS is that?

It's a SRS A1 Covert 16" with silencer on witch i adapted Wolverine Bolt Système.
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