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gun not hopping?

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My tsd sd702(well mb07) is not hopping my .3 gram bbs. I have just noticed that they are dropping after around 150ft. I have tried adjusting my hopup and it is not hopping them. The gun is advertised at 530 fps, which is believable due to the pull back. I have seen astkilo on youtube hitting a 250ft target on youtube, and his is hopping fine. Does any one have a clue as to what is happening?
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What I would do. Take apart the gun. And clean the bucking. Then comeback and tell me what you got.
A) You just need to clean the unit
B) You need a new rubber
C) Your unit is not effective enough for these BB's
D) BB's and Barrel are somehow interfering
E) A combo of all of the above

Clean out the entire gun, Try A then B if that doesn't work.
Firstly, don't believe astkilo. Ever notice how all of the distance 'tests' are done with the target in the same place, just the camera is zoomed in a little more?

Secondly, clean your hop rubber. That is likely the reason for this underhop, many guns come from the factory with a lot of lube on the hop rubber, and that makes it really hard for anything to hop. Then, clean the barrel. Follow vindi's guide, hasn't failed me yet. Then, if that still doesn't work, use what grass here just said, and it should be good. Worst case scenario, you have to spend about 100 bucks on a new hop unit (PDI/HP), a new bucking, and a new barrel. Best case, you clean the rubber, and you are good to go.
vindicareassasin's barrel polishing guide is useful!

Also, teflon taping your bucking and shimming your hop up unit is a good idea.
So I went ahead and cleaned my gun and stuff, and I got a slight accuracy increase.. My gun still is not hopping a .3 so it's assumed that it is to weak...That means when I get the money, I will purchase a TM chamber/barrel combo. I tried .2s and .25s and got odd results. With the .2 and no hop that bb was soaring far, but due to the high power it was extremely inconsistent with accuracy. Now with the .25s, I was getting alright results. I could hit a target at 200 ft rather nicely but close range(like 150 ft) it was shooting not as accurate. I just think I will invest in a new chamber to solve my problems for good.
Rubber could be to weak for that BB weight / gun velocity combo. But a new chamber is one of the first things I put in all of my new guns
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