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Gun shooting non stop

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When I plug in my battery to the gun it starts shooting before the trigger is even pulled. I put the fire selector mode on safety and it still does it. What's the deal? I am using..
2100 20C

Edit: it's the MOSFET. This is my second mosfet that isn't working right. Why won't the MOSFET work!?!?
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Sounds like your selector plate to me, if I'm not mistaking if you don't set it in the position you took it out in it'll mess up the sequences. Could be wrong though.
When I first plugged the battery in and shot it worked fine. I pulle the trigger rapidly and started shooting continuously even when I wasn't holding the trigger. so I unplugged the battery an then plugged it back in and it shot continuously with no trigger pull again.
They aren't touching. There might be arching but that shouldn't be because the mosfetnisnsuppose to reduce that.

Edit: it's the MOSFET. I plug in my old trigger contacts with no MOSFET and it works fine. This is the second mosfet I have used and neither one has worked. It seems like they can't handle the battery.
....there is a link in the first post...

This is the first one I had that didn't work. And then I bought the one above.
Sorry didn't see the link, have you ever been to the ASGI forums? There's a user named EpicSkills that makes top notch mosfets, cheap as hell too.
well i did some more research and found out the gate on the mosfet fried open. And other people have had this problem before. I'm guessing matrix is having the same issues. So now how do i know what mosfet will be able to deal with my battery? because im tired of spending 30 bucks.

nope i havent. thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out, or make one on my own.
Yeah, I thought it'd be your MOSFET the second I read your OP. I've done that to a MOSFET or two myself, one through an accident with water another through overheating (24+ degrees C plus lots of shooting next to a large battery in a cramped space.)
So how do I know the next Mosfet I buy will hold up. Cause both of these burnt up through testing before I got it all back together.
Do your research and buy the one with the best reputation! Also, make a habit of returning products that fail if you can!
I have done a lot of research and almost all of them have had at least one person with a bad experience
And I doubt airsoftmegastore or evike will take back a MOSFET that is fried.

I'm thinking extremfires MOSFETS...
Well I'm not having to good of luck with this whole gearbox stuff. I have taken a gearbox with an m160 spring apart at least 15 times in the past couple days. So I'm about to order a couple things and take it to somebody. I don't understand why something so simple is so difficult!
If it's broken within the warranted period they have to by law. It's a lemon product.
Making your own mosfet is easier said then done if you have no soldering experience.
Well I don't want to make it and then it not hold up just like the other ones that are just as basic as the one I would be making.
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