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Gun/vests etc. personalization / customization /

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Edit - new pics added

Just my vest - grimlock - trauuma shears - chemlights - electrical tape - paracord - carribbeaner - shot gun shells - sharpies - radio set - drinking tube - and magpulls - I only like their actual magpulls - nothing else it's all over-rated. Especially in Ireland.

Paracord grip beats the previous stippling.

Here is the close up I promised of the kill marker. - it's more than that like 30 or something.

And I might wrap my scope and silencer again with bandage wrap again cause it looked cool.

I know, I know another one of these threads BY ME.
I have seen, probably like thousands of pictures of airsoft guns with forward grips, peq boxes and scopes. I would just like to see what some of you have done to make the gun your own, like personal little touches such as a stippled grip, a saying spraypainted on like "Get Some!"

Oh and I would like to see the little touches on any gun you have, be it sniper rifle, SMG, DMR, assault rifle, support weapon, pistol or even shotgun.

As I said in my other gallery post, feel free to move to the lounge if you deem it inappropriate in the gallery.

I'll give you a few examples from my own guns -

Like here is my vest. I put in trauma shears, chemlights, sharpies, I also had zipties but I lost them and then at the back a few caribeaners with electrical tape and paracord. Oh and I have a radio and headset which wasn't on it. Edit - And shotgun shells.

HEre I have my sniper rifle with a patch, a paracord grip and engravings in the stock to count my kills with the gun. Oh and my custom mag and my paintjob. (I have a red dot on it cause I broke my scope - the second one in a month :( ) |Oh and a paracord sling I made

Just my name on my mag and a paracord bracelet I made.

A skull (Punisher) decal on my 40mm M203.

A battery outside my MP5K

Another punisher, This time on my MP5K.

And now finally, A paracorded stock, Another punisher skull and a captain insignia. And up the top you'll see my knife handle which had paracord on it too.

Then here I wrapped the stock in green and the outer barrel in green too. (This was taken a While ago so the M203 doesn't have the skull on it)

And now, my baby. I just sanded it myself, polished it and put some wooden grips on it.

As you can see I like too personalize my guns a bit, and I like paracord!
Edit - and my room is a mess...

Let's see what you have done. And I am sure everyone would like feedback on their stuff.
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wow I think thats really creative to put a holster on your rifle
gotta try it out myself too :)
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