You read that right. I accidentally found Gunner79's VSR and picked it up immediately. Unfortunately, I really need money for more infinity trigger prototypes (since the first were okay but definitely not good enough. Testing a whole new design). Looking to give it a good new home.

So you're probably curious what's inside. let's get to it!

-Smokey's Stock
-Old Pdi one piece receiver
-Pdi base outer barrel
-Super thick pdi front outer
-Laylax bolt handle and cap
-Smokey's Black Boa cylinder
-Pdi trigger
-Joseph Cribbs cut stainless inner
-Action Army piston
-laylax cylinder head
-maple leaf spring guide

I've also probably got an action army chamber and masada arm you can have if you want, and any style cylinder head you could need. I accept payment through Paypal Goods and Services, so there's no risk on either of our ends.

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