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H&K Mp5 - The happy CQB/back up - king.

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Yo folks! It's me once again! xD

First of all I (yet again) don't know if this is the correct section for this post, but you'd think so since other option is called LONG RANGE AEG'S...

So, this time I started a thread for Mp5 weapons, specially the R.A.S. model (mostly 'cause I bought one recently xD). I'm gonna pimp it just A LITTLE. xD Here's what I'm thinking about to do:

Interior (for M100 / c. 330 fps):
-Deep Fire reinforced box (and some corner shaping on it =D )
-Deep Fire spring guide
-Deep Fire bearings
-Prometheus spring (with mentioned M/fps)

Outside (now this WILL BE WICKED! xD ):
-The Mp5 telescope butt stock
-Aimpoint with low standing on the rails
-Proper front grip (the one included in TM RAS version)
-6 MAG 100bb's magazines taped in vertical pairs
-Propably 9,6v c. 3000 mAh built-in battery case, one that is attached on the rail, you know
(all good linkable airsoft sites I know are currently offline so I can't link em atm, sorry for that.)
-And my piece also has the CA full metal body, NOT that TM plastic crap. ;)
-Actually I do have still some plastic in it that can be replaced with metal so I gotta buy thiss also: . Sorry for the link being in finnish.

Pictures will be shot when I get that far in this Operation of mine. =)

So, what ya guys think about this kind of settings for this type of gun?

P.S. Those M/fps are best fitting for my area so they are not gonna change.

Last but not least I just wanna say that this thread IS NOT ONLY about MY GUN. I'd like to have an open discussion from the H&K Mp5 - family in general. ;)
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