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Hakkotsu M40A3 Internals & Lefty Mod Compatibility

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I have read the recent post on modding a sniper rifle for lefties by whisper/TheBauer, and I was simply wondering if this: is compatible. I understand that the mod was made for guns with VSR/BAR 10 type internals. If you can't tell already, I'm a complete newb and only just joined.
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This gun is new and noone has seen it... You'll have to wait I guess.
I wonder why the call it M40A3 though.

I love the Blaser r93, I was looking for the Asahi version but I can't find anywhere!
For the KA springer I haven't heard the best but it's cheap, I'll wait for the gas versions (green gas and CO2)

Cheese man I like the "weird" and rare stuff mostly... But the Asahi Blaser is just gorgeous!

I had found an Asahi M24 (Springer) with out the stock ( you would need to order one from HS Precision !!) at an insane price ....$2550 plus bank fees and shipping!!!! For a springer with out the stock and with only one mag!!!
This was about the time I bought my WA2000 DX (2 years ago) and I was out of money.

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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