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Hakkotsu M40A3 Internals & Lefty Mod Compatibility

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I have read the recent post on modding a sniper rifle for lefties by whisper/TheBauer, and I was simply wondering if this: is compatible. I understand that the mod was made for guns with VSR/BAR 10 type internals. If you can't tell already, I'm a complete newb and only just joined.
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I like the look of this M40A3 for it's price. It comes with a stainless steel 6.03mm inner barrel and a 6-point barrel spacer.

And Wolf is right, you're just gonna have to wait..or buy it and try! ;)
Does anyone know how compatible this is with Type-10 rifles yet?

I'm thinking of saving up some cash and looking in to custom stocks. I would really like something like the Smokey's Stock for my VSR. I have no idea where and how much a custom stock would cost though.
Smokey's aren't made any more either. :(
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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