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Hakkotsu M40A3 Internals & Lefty Mod Compatibility

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I have read the recent post on modding a sniper rifle for lefties by whisper/TheBauer, and I was simply wondering if this: is compatible. I understand that the mod was made for guns with VSR/BAR 10 type internals. If you can't tell already, I'm a complete newb and only just joined.
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I bought this gun , not worth it.
The cylinder materials , and general metal parts are good however the whole polymer are of low quality .
The BBs supply system is flawed and can break at any time without spare parts.
In the end I bought to replace my BAR10 and ended up joining the best parts of the two weapons to mount an optimal weapon.
The metal parts are of great quality external barrel has almost the same thickness of the PDI , the cylinder comes with reinforcement and inner barrel are made of aluminum with 6.3mm.
But it seems that brands send their worst weapons or who did not pass in quality tests for Brazil , so I can be talking about something non-standard .
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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