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Hard to see font

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This is just a nitpicky thing, but in the profile pages there is some grey font like in the mini stats that is hard to see against the green background. Nothing big, but it can be fixed.
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Bump. I'm not sure if anyone saw this so I'm just bringing this up. It's nothing big, but it would make the forum look nicer if it was easier to see.
Is it me or did all the fonts on the index page (home page) get smaller? It could just be my computer but I don't think that can happen without me experimenting with my settings like I do occasionally (which I wasn't this time).
The size it's the same.
If you want them bigger press ctrl and the mouse wheel to zoom in ;)

I wasn't talking about zoom. It seems to have fixed now so I don't know what happened. The page was normally zoomed but the writing was somehow small before. Oh well, problem solved I guess. Never mind.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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