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Has anyone tried to make a KJW KC02 DMR?

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Pretty much as the title says. I really like the Idea of putting magpul m4 externals on the KJW KC02 and making it a sleek looking DMR. I have heard RA-Tech makes a longer and tighter inner barrel. I am also wondering if there is an npas system for it to increase blowback/ fps?
Has anyone tried this or know any information on it?
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There is some info on them from RA tech. I was thinking of doing just this ;)

I have a crap ton of 10/22 parts laying around my basement. Would be nice to be able to use them for something.
I like how you think woogie. My idea was to have it as compact as possible slung on my back then when a long range opportunity presents itself, whabam! Extend the stock lay down and boom scout sniper rifle.
That's a cool idea. I've been wondering about these little rifles myself and how well they perform. Anybody own one, or got any upgrade info and such on them?
I'm doing the same type of thing with my m700. I am going to put either a 303 or 430 mm vsr barrel in my KJW (haven't decided yet - input welcome), the idea being that it will be small and portable.

The nice thing about that rifle, is that it is semi-auto already, so you could really use it as a DM type rifle anyway. The gas is also in the magazine, which I am assuming can be tapped for HPA, which would be very effective in increasing fps/blowback.
Sorry to bring this back up yet again ...... but it is going to take a while for my lathe to get here...... so I am looking at picking one of these up here REAL SOON!

Just ordered one. Should be in tomorrow. Planning on putting the Falcon extended inner and outer barrel upgrade in it.
This gun is just SO COOL! I love the look of it both stock and tac-toold out. I can't wait to read some reviews from you guys and It'd be awesome to see some detail on the internals.
Kudos to this thread, it kind of satisfies my current KC-02 acquisition syndrome.

My idea would be to make it into some sort of M40A3-looking platform..but it won't be bolt action..hence I don't really know, this and my M40A1 are fighting in my head ;)

I don't want to have two sniper rifles so I'd have to sell one..ah the dilemma ;)

Considering it all started from the lack of blowback on the M40A1 and from there on it was just down hill to G.A.S.
Man I have 12 sniper rifles/DMR and I think still is not enough.
I also want a KJ 10/22, it looks very good with the wooden stock.
I've read good stuff about it, though I haven't seen/held one.

The only thing that holds me back from the KC02 with the RA tech stock is that I would practically feel like holding an M40-like rifle in my hands, shoot, feel the blowback and then...semi auto? No bolt? Aaaaargh
check out my HPA kc02 on youtube.
search "hpa kc02" its the only one on youtube.
I also have a vid shooting 300ft
Let's try and look at the last post date next time please.

Cheese Man
hey you guys do you guys know how much fps the KC-02 well have with a 510mm inner barrel cuz i want to upgrade the inner barrel for better accucery but have to kee fps down to 450 with .2 so i need some help. sorry for spelling
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