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Has lied in the product description?

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I bought a rifle because it says its aps2. I did some research and found that it may not be!!! Wtf Evike? I tried to email them and of course they have not responded. Link to product coming soon.

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:funny: I would of just brought the APS2 from redwolf, a lot more but you know you can trust them and get a quality product.

Don't buy from evike if you don't want garbage. They sell used guns as new etc.
I'm sorry this southern lifestyle has made me lax and trusting. Can I send this pos back? Sadness... Technically they may have falsely advertised this gun. And in doing such have violated some law or another...

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Well, you should (if you want to).
I've read not long ago, evike sold an aeg (forgot name) the one who buyed it chronoed it, and it had 2 fps deviation, then he opened the gun, and found a madbull tbb.
So evike sold him an USED gun as a NEW gun, even though the buyer was happy with it, it's still a bad sign from a shop.
That is a very bad sign. I should not recommend Airsplat for the same sort of reason.
Where do you guys buy(not redwolf). Airsoft GI and air rattle seem okay...

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So I managed to get evike tech support on the phone and guess what? Its not 100 percent aps2 compatible. I cannot believe this. They are going to take it back via rma.

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Don't buy from evike if you don't want garbage. They sell used guns as new etc.
That is why the boneyard has incomplete rifles... the parts are used to make "Franken-Bar-10"
That is VERY bad from a company!:mad: Why do you not seem to like Redwolf? They are a great company to buy from! : )

Id try ASGI or Airsoft Atlanta first. I tend to stay away from Over seas shop because US customs tends to be a bunch of asshats.
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At least Airsplat is getting better. It seems to me like evike is going down the crap hole.
Evike does this kind of crap all the time. Next time go with ASGI, Airsoft Atlanta, or AEX. There are a few others that are pretty good, but none that I have personally dealt with. Good luck on returning the rifle.
Last time I tried to buy something from Airsplat, it fell apart in a cartoonish way when I picked it up: springs and sprockets shooting about; barrel falling off.

I had to send it back twice, and they kept returning the same piece rather than sending a new one, and the final time they claimed I stuffed foam into the gearbox and broke it, and their evidence was they said so. They did not even claim to have found foam in it, just that I did it.

It was enough that they will never get a thin dime from me, even if they become the best store in the world.
I have only ever bout one thingfrom airsplat a Well mb-10 when I first leanred about sniping. I have had it for a few years now and it has actually improved in performance for some unknown reason. In fact I clean it bi-anually. Anyway, I didn't have a problem with them but it was only one thing. I ordered a whole bunch of stuff from evike including my bar10 and most of the upgrades. Never needed customer service but they seemed good to me. irsoft atlanta sent me a ripped nineball so They sent me a new one, no questions asked. ASGI is also good, but haven't dealt with their customer service either.
So I finally received an email back from evike, after calling in to tech support myself. And they have responded" nothing in airsoft is ever going to be 100 percent compatible but it will take most aps2 parts"... The nerve ...

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That's about true at some cases... I'm not sure here though.
I've come to some compatibity issues with pistol GBBs but not something major on BASRs.
My CA M24 takes all APS2 parts minus the thread adaptor and mags I think.

But I bet I doesn't say aps2 in the title of the product...

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It's a shame Evike do this. I always email them first to confirm I will get what I want. They're such a huge retailer, they should have some respect and try not to be cons!
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