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I want to know, how many of you guys go for headshots? Who avoids them? I got 5 "hits" today. Two confirmed headshots. Some frown on a good face target....

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I actually try to avoid headshots but if I simply have no choice and they are wearing good face protection I will take the shot. For the most part, many players on the fields I play at don't mind taking headshots. At least from what I've experienced. They are amazed at the fact that it came from a BASR.
Most people on this forum (including me and so should you) avoid heads hots. Unless the person is wearing full head gear, it is the only part showing that I can shoot, and I'm feeling like a jerk that day or they pissed me off somehow, I avoid head shots as much as I can.
I will go for center body mass. It's my preferred shot for obvious reasons. But I don't mind a headshot. I just prefer center body mass.

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Head shots are frowned upon in my club. Not always possible, like juggler said, but one should always aim center mass. I've known too many chipped teeth and some people who actually had bb's embedded in their skin (and we only allow up to 600fps for qualified snipers, 400 for everyone else). I shot a guy in the windpipe on accident I still feel bad about it.
Headshots at the fields I play at are not frowned upon... just don't do it close. I prefer center mass shots especially people with vests. It makes a satisfying "tack" sound louder than any other body shot IMO.
Yeah that sucks. The first headshot I got was on my big bro.. perfect layout sniped him from cover, HIT THE BILL OF HIS HAT. Its all I could see. The second shot was a revenge kill. The kid pissed me off. And I felt bad later,but at least it wasn't to the face right?

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There is a long list of gruesome tales about head shots, some witnessed my me personally. The chest/stomach area is much harder to damage and is a better target anyway. It's better to avoid whenever possible.
If my FPS isn't super high and I'm at a decent range then I will, but mostly I just go for center mass because it's easiest to hit. You don't have to be as precise when you go for the torso area.
At extreme range I have to go for the head shot because my bb will leave slightly less of an impact at 80+m than a mosquito. AA requires full face protection of some sort (cloth is fine) and mouth protection is a must, so it's never been an issue.

Obviously, center mass is preferable, but seeing as I shoot slower than most everyone at my field, I don't have any issues with head shots for the aforementioned reasons.
So that's one of the exceptions. To spell it out for everyone, if you are shooting at 300-350 fps (cheese shoots at 350 fps) and the person is over say, 250 ft, go for a head shot so they actually notice the bb.
With normal AEGs I have almost no problem with headshots. If its the only shot I have it's the shot I'm going to take. I won't spray 30rps into someones face though.

We also strongly encourage face protection.
I personally just use a shemagh to cover everything below my nose.
Hey cheese what size bbs you flinging around?

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I've dine quite a few headshots but I avoid them, I've also seen broken tooth and it's bad.
One day I was playing with a friend that works at a bang, because of that he wears a full face TM mask! Well accidentally I shot him at the uncovered area and soft spot right behind his ear!
Man... I felt so bad, he was in terrible pain!

Lol the odds of that. The only uncovered spot gets shot.

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i think this is turning into the old thread about respecting field limits where the entire thing was telling people what can happen and the gruesome stories.
What kind of fps breaks teeth? Jeez man that stuff kinda scares one away from a otherwise great shot lol. Its not combat, only simulation.

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avoid head shots ....unless there cheating or all you can see is there head!
What fps breaks teeth you ask? My friend's pistol, which is shooting at 250 fps with .2 bbs, broke my other friend's tooth. In half. So really any low powered or high powered gun, if it hits right, will break teeth.
I avoid head shots unless I have to take them.I normally wait a few min to take a body shot but if I cant then I will take a head shot.

Any fps can break teeth, depends on the distance,where and how it hits and the persons teeth condition.There are so many variables.

I took my friends front tooth out at 50m with a 480fps gun, and last game i got shot on semi at around 10-15 meters at most with a -350 fps age and it cracked my tooth.
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