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Heavy light colored BB's

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I have a gas l96 that is shooting 650 FPS with a .2, so as common sniper senses may say, I need heavy BB's. I am right now using Madbull .40's, as in the tanish brownish ones, which are almost as bad as using black bb's in most environments. Does anyone know of some relatively budget friendly light colored .40's or .43's? (By budget friendly I mean like in the range of madbull sniper bbs. $20-$25 per bottle)
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to save the mods from jumping in on you you might want to go make an intro post, one of the rules around here.
what brand L96 is it?
As for lighter colored heavy weights they do not really exist that I have seen. Something about the weight they need prohibiting plain white. What I use are Golden Ball .32's, they are white, voidless and a good finish. That being said the private wholesaler who I get those from says that according to his rep, Golden Ball has fixed not only the void issue in heavy weight bb's, but that they can also do .4g bb's in white now.
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