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Heavy weight BB Study

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Okay, I am considering shelling out some cash to do a reasonably definitive guide to BB Quality.

So, everyone post up what brands of BB's they would like tested. only rules are must be heavier then .36, must be 6mm, and please no repeats of the same brand to try and keep costs down. If anyone has any contact with a dealer/wholesaler who would be willing to donate a few hundred bb's that would be greatly appreciated.

All testing would be done from the same rifle. A G&G L96 converted to HPA using a polished EDGI 6.01 650mm tight bore with HS5 EZ-LRB and R-hop using a Nine Ball VSR-10 bucking inside a KA conversion chamber. chrono at 545 +/- 1.5 with a .2
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some cheap rubbish to prove they suck (matrix or zeroone depending on what side of the Atlantic you're on).
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