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hey there
I'm the evil Kilt i can be found on FB a thing that i am slowly getting tired of as its destroying airsoft in the UK with thee amount of cunts on line :bird:

Im ex forces and starting to get into sniping ive done most other rolls in the airsoft game from grenadier to assault group support weapons the heap

so after a bit of the thought i said to meself i will go to sniping and go back to COP duties as it was a fun job to do in service only difference is this time i will have an airsoft sniper rifle instead of a bloody camera and a pistol :tup::nuts:

Im on here to learn about the rifle as ive got most other things covered and am going for an embedded sniper roll ( come find me ya fecker lol)
Ive got a KJW M700 take down and in talks about trading my L85a2 for an L96 ares gas >:D
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