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Helllloo From Illinois

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Well Im new to this forum and im not really a sniper YET. Its something Ive always wanted to do and am just now starting to get into it. Im 13 so msg me if there is a specific sniper that is above 420 fps and is easy to cock back. Thanks
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WElcome have you even owned a airsoft gun?
Come on nelson, take it easy on him. Do you own any AEGs msx?
Ive got a 320 FPS Pistol and Shotgun plus a 350 FPS Echo 15 AEG M4 I think it is.
Why don't you try turning your M4 into a DMR kinda set-up? A good barrel, SCS, and some gearbox work can give really good results.
Welcome to the board
I agree with AK47 tune your AEG in DMR and see how the role suits you.
The sniper in Airsoft has the fewer kills per game.

All I did was shim the gears, stretch piston o-ring, teflon tape the cylinder head, correct AOE, and install an SCS. The SCS is the only aftermarket part in my gun and I'm getting pretty good results.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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