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Hi all,

Airsoft has been my hobby for about a year; I started with a simple AEG, and I learnt how all of the internals work by upgrading the barrel, hop and gearbox internals. I moved on to GBBRs and loved the tactile feeling of having a working bolt and charging handle; this is where I discovered that a replica that behaves like the real thing in operation is a real source of enjoyment for me. I also upgraded the nozzle, hop and barrel and started enjoying the extra range and accuracy. While skirmishing I noticed that accuracy at extreme ranges will be really difficult to achieve with a GBBR due to the inconsistency of FPS output and a lot of vibration from the recoil; this is when I decided my next project will be a sniper rifle.

A few weeks back I bought a TM GSPEC and I love the bolt action method of shooting; my plan / goal is to upgrade it to be able to shoot a man size target at a range of 60 to 80m consistently. I anticipate this will be a long term project with lots of mistakes made, but I am hoping I can minimize the amount of mistakes I make by joining this forum and hopefully make new friends in the process. I have already realized I probably should have opted for a TM replica considering that most of the stock parts will be replaced.

I am based in the UK, and I am a member of the UCAP Sandpit in Kent, so there are plenty of sniper opportunities once I get my rifle ready.

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