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Hello Airsoftsniperforum!

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Been here for a long time, just never made an account until today. Learned allot from everyone here and hope to share a bunch of fun stuff I have been doing over the years.

I had a bad experience with a customer and so now I only do work for people I know, please don't ask me to make a gun. I am just here to show off the stuff I am making for myself now. Thank You.

Some old guns I did:

Hope to see allot more of me around here!
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Welcome, glad to have you with us..
Please make a thread about the WA2K you made... I'm a huge WA2K fan and I missed you gun that was for sale on ASR just by a bit!

Welcome to the forums! It's an honor!
Bad experience with a customer? That's too bad, I followed a couple of your builds and I must say they are amazing.
Have watched just about all of those builds, or the ones that you put online.

Have been really jealous of the guy that got the DTA scout!
Welcome to the boards! Glad to see someone else who has been around a Cheytac :tup: The DTA Scout looks amazing too!

Welcome. Hopefully we will see your upcomming customs as well. I have seen your other custom works on arnies and that sv98 stock you made was one of the things that inspired me to make my own.
I have been watching your SV98 build and love it, it looks great. I can see it taking shape and brings back memories of making one as well! Great build!
Welcome aboard mate! love your rifles :tup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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