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Hello all!

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Orin Kendall

Phangos (meaning "a blinding light" - not so good for a sniper)

I have been playing airsoft for many years, I started playing paintball in 2004 or so, but got into airsoft in 2005 or so (reluctantly at the time) because my two best friends switched. I've used AEGs the entire time, with possibly one or two occasional sniper loadouts.

Any military experience?
I have never been in the military, but I do hold the highest respect for what our men and women in the armed forces do everyday. Thank you all so much!

What training do you have?
I have no real training, just what I learned in games with my buddies. We sometimes use hand signals and basic strategy, but my favorite strategy is "win". That might be the third goal on my lsit, but I don't always like giving future enemies the advantage of knowing exactly what I want to do. ;)

You're arsenal (What are you shootin'?):
I have a TM G36c, that performs nicely, and many other non-sniper toys, but the G36c is my pride and joy. As for my future, beginning sniper loadout, I have purchased a WELL MB07B and a GBB M9, unfortunately I do not have a lot of money, and am not too certain I am going to be right for the sniper role, but I like to try everything the right way once, and judge for myself.

Your camo:
I have one heck of a tiger stripe woodland camo paint job on my G36c. I am not yet in the sniping role, but have plenty of airsoft experience. I intend, if in fact I enjoy sniping, to make my own airsoft ghillie suit and paint my own rifle. I appreciate what I put time into.

What are your other hobbies?
I play tons of video games, I love to hunt deer mainly (bow and rifle), I practice kung fu and I enjoy the occasional drink.

Where do you reside?
I currently live in Fargo, ND. It can prove difficult to find airsoft games numbering in the high teens. We usually have smaller friendly games, and I must say, thusfar, they are the most fun.
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Thanks fuzzy...I've been creeping on here all day, and take a lot of interest in many of these posts.
I'll attempt to get to my buddies apartment and get some pics up, as he keeps all my guns...we're in airsoft together. Should have my MB07B by the 21st here, so I'll get to painting next week tuesday or so...I love the art that goes into guns! :)
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