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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum and just thought i'd say "Hi" .

I have been Airsofting for about 4.5 years now starting out at UA. I soon discovered woodland and made my Home at Close Action where i discovered bolt actions.

I have never looked back. I'm a sneaky bugger anyway so sniping was/is defo for me.

I have become quite well known at some of my local sites in the Midlands for being very good at sniping, often im the "target for the day".

I use VSRs as the parts are easier to get hold of and are lighter. L96 rifles on the other hand we're hard to get parts and known for the hop lever breaking so i avoided those, until now - see below.

Over the past 3 years i have repaired and upgraded many rifles and im well known at my local sites. Quite often i hear "when you selling one of your rifles Dazz?"

As parts were hard to get hold of i imported directly. This also got me thinking, why can't i supply these as well as using for my own rifles. This led my to create my own shop.

see thread

Im trying to supply as cheap as possible whilst still making it worth while for which both you and I benefit!

The site has a page on Facebook too with the latest updates.

Happy Softing.

Speak soon!

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Welcome Dazz, very glad to have you with us! In terms of upgrading, are you more of a custom creator such as cutting down barrels, modifying stocks, or are you more of a "parts" person? I would love to see some pics of the various rifles you have had in the past. ;)

Again, welcome! I would assume you will be getting some more business from some of our fellow members.
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