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Name: Peter Wolka

Call sign: Devil

Experience I've been playing four a couple years now.

You're arsenal: Recently just got my Maruzen APS2.

Your camo: I currently have a decent Ghillie suit, I didn't make it.

What are your other hobbies?: I like to play football and baseball when not playing airsoft.

Where do you live: Michigan

Hey fellas, Most of you might know me from MiA ( Michgan Airsoft)
Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I think the forum is a great asset to snipers and new-comers like my self. It gives them a lot of knowledgeable information from smart people. I just want to say thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the boards Devil, glad to see you made you way to the big leagues (By that I am of cource refering to your Maruzen). Seems like just yesterday when I was on Team TEHN and you wanted to join and I took you in the bush with me. Either way, read up, and hit the field smarter than the guy standing next to you.


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