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Hello everyone Tyler here a.k.a DualGlocks. Im from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Im 16 years old, but have a lot of knowledge and very mature for my age. I work 3 jobs, golf course, landscaping and Chevy dealership. My hobbies are for summer - Mountain/bmx biking, nitro rc trucks, airsoft, cars, hotrods, dirt biking for winter - snowboarding, vintage skidoos.

My set ups are:

Prim Assualt: Full Metal VFC M4
Prim Snipers: TSD L96, Echo1 M28, Tanaka M700 AISC
Sidearms: Dual WE M9s

Guns i have owned: VFC M4, L96, M28, M700, DMPS M4, A&K Dragunov, Dual M9s, VFC SCAR L

Thanks, hope that gives some info! Thanks again!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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