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Name: Tanner Caillouet

Callsign: dont really have one I guess just Tanner or Elder

Experience: I have been playing airsoft for 5 years now and I dont have any proper training.

You're arsenal:
M1919A4 HIGHLY upgraded (Scratch built)
CYMA M14 (possible DMR?)
CYMA full wood and metal AK-47 with some upgrades
Custom made M1 Garand with a wood stock (if you dont know most airsoft AEG M1 garands use the M14 stock)
CA M416
CA M15A4 (with a new front end that made it into an M4 I also have an E1 M203 for it
KJW M1911

Your camo: I am mainly an Urban sniper I dont own a ghillie but plan on making one in the future. I use multicam

What are your other hobbies?: School takes up all my other time if I have time i like to build models of airplanes and hangout with friends

Where do you reside?: Colorado but my family is from Louisanna and that is one of my favorite places

Thanks guys
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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