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Hello Everyone

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I just found you guys today and I am really excited about joining. Now, down to the introduction.

Name: Matthew

Callsign: ( Not sure quite what this is, but if it is what everyone calls you...) Matt

Experience: I have no military experience. I have been playing Airsoft for about 5 years.

What I am shooting: I just ordered the AGM AWP L96 Sniper Rifle from airsplat. Other than that, I have a CQB Shotgun and have owned an AEG MP5 and a Ruger P89 handgun. The MP5 and the Ruger both broke, so now I just have my shotgun.

My Camo: I have started work on a Ghillie suit for sniping and will work on the gun wrap

My other hobbies: Building model terrains, wargaming, jugger (padded sword fighting).

Where do I reside: Idaho, USA.

Please let it be understood that I am a beginner to the sniper role. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to learn a bunch.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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