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I wanted to share with you some thoughts about airsoft sniping experience, that is why I've decided do join this forum.
Surprisingly people take things more seriously than I expected and it not a bad thing.
It looks like it's a very active forum and it's also well organized.
Few things about me:
Name / callsign : Calin
From Romania / Bucuresti
I've been playing airsoft for over 10 years now but haven't played to many games. Used to play like 10 games a year. However
last year I went playimg more frequently like 2-3 games a month.
I got mu first sniper this year like 6 months ago.
It's a tac 21 replia called aac21 from action army and it is a modified kjw m700
I've replaced the barrel with a pdi 6.05 and noe runs on hpa.
I use an utg leapers 3-12x scope. 44 mm
Other airsoft guns:
M16 runing on p* gearbox
M4 aeg

Hi capa gbb pistol also on hpa
ksc gbb pistol usp .45 tactical replica

Other hobies
Guitar, kiteboarding, cycling.

That's all for now
See you later
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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