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Hey everybody my name is Aidan, and you can call me by my name or my screen name (aydonmill) I don't mind. Anyways, I have visited these forums quite a few times in the past and I have finally decided to join since I am getting serious with Airsoft sniping :) I am glad to be here.

Experience: I guess you could say I am relatively new to airsoft sniping, but not new to airsoft itself. I just started sniping probably 6-7 months ago.

Gun Load Out:
- JG M6A2
- JG M4A1(Upgraded)
- G&P/Magpul M4A1 ( Custom Built)(EVERYTHING Upgraded)
- TSD SD96B (UTG Clone I believe)(EVERYTHING Upgraded)
- Desert Edition Kalashnikov AK47
- UHC Super-9 Tactical Rifle (Upgraded)
- Echo1 ASC Scar-L
- WE Tech G/B M1911

My Camo: I did not make my ghillie suit from scratch, but I did buy a pretty good one off of Amazon and I have added in m own custom bits that make it a top quality suit.

Where I'm from: U.S. of course, in New Jersey.

Other Hobbies: Basketball, Golfing, friends, movies, drawing/sketching, computer design/web design

That's about it for me, can't wait to join in on the discussions around here :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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