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Hello Everyone

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Name: Milos

Callsign: Toast

Experience: I've been into airsoft for almost 4 years so far. I've been to a decent number of games but until I can drive, won't be playing as much as I would like.

You're arsenal: As of now I have a JG BAR-10 with a few DIY mods and cylinder upgrades ( waiting for a PDI TBB ), TSD m9 GBB, a G&G UMG, and my old JG AK-47 RIS.

Your camo: What I usually run is a Camosystems Jackal ghillie in Killer-camo ( multicam ) I rigged the suit so that I can add a lot of natural vegetation so It works while still staying comfortable.

What are your other hobbies?: I play guitar, go hunting, and hang out with friends for the most part.

I'm from New Jersey ( I hate it here )

That's about it. Hopefully I can contribute to this Forum in one way or another.
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I hope you have a nice time, also your callsign is awesome, toast. They all just cqll me sniper out in the field. Or Daniel. Lol.
wolfgeorge said:
Yea pretty cool but very MW2!

I only realized that now caus you said it. GTFO toast. ( Im kidding cause I hate all the newer cod games. L ol)
Toast said:
MW2? I play battlefield!
Oh thank god.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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