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Hello Everyone

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Name: Milos

Callsign: Toast

Experience: I've been into airsoft for almost 4 years so far. I've been to a decent number of games but until I can drive, won't be playing as much as I would like.

You're arsenal: As of now I have a JG BAR-10 with a few DIY mods and cylinder upgrades ( waiting for a PDI TBB ), TSD m9 GBB, a G&G UMG, and my old JG AK-47 RIS.

Your camo: What I usually run is a Camosystems Jackal ghillie in Killer-camo ( multicam ) I rigged the suit so that I can add a lot of natural vegetation so It works while still staying comfortable.

What are your other hobbies?: I play guitar, go hunting, and hang out with friends for the most part.

I'm from New Jersey ( I hate it here )

That's about it. Hopefully I can contribute to this Forum in one way or another.
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I love it here. This Forum has everything I would want to know. Quitting guitar will never be an option
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Will Do, but my camera has been KIA. It could be a while until I get any pictures up on the forum.
The only reason I want to drive is so I can go to the events. The field is about 45 minutes away and my parents never want to drive because the cost of gas. Thanks for the warm welcome.
Haha, My callsign is pretty cool isn't it :)
MW2? I play battlefield!
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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