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Name: Devon

username: DCWITT

Experience : I have been playing airsoft for 5 years now. My first gun was a clear Smith and Wesson springer pistol that I still own (its the one gun that never broke on me )

You're arsenal: I now own a UTG L96, a mauser sniper, an echo 1 ak-47, 2 cyma m14 socom, an sr25 with all different types of uprgrades to it it started off as an echo one i believe ( I recieved it in a trade and never found out what brand), a JG G36C, a TSD shotgun, and an upgraded bravo RDW with an 11.1 lipo. I also own 2 pistols a tokyo marui g18 and an HFC M9

Camo: I own a ghillie suit I made that has 2 sides one for summer in California and one for winter/spring/fall
I also own 4 tac vest and plenty of misc. gear

What are your other hobbies?: Airsoft (obviously), Paintball, Kayaking, Fishing, hanging out at the local airsoft field, hunting

Where do you reside?: Roseville, Ca
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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