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Hello everyone

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Hi guys,
Lowrider ( PJ) here, former Marine Corps SRT/HRT operator new to airsoft. Really glad I found this site you guys have done an awesome job putting a massive amount of info at one place. I have always been on the assault teams in the past but have done some Designated Marksman roles and really want to work on, and hone, my fieldcraft skills. I will probably look for two separate rifles one at 400 fps and then one at 500 to 550 ( most of the fields around here say 400 with .25bbs)
My 400 will most likely be an m40 although with all the info Ive read here I'm very lost and torn on the make ::) . The 500 will be an L96 I really like the Maruzan so will shoot for that.

Well just wanted to post Hi, and not lurk around the forums
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Hey man, welcome to the forums and thanks for your service. As for your weapon choice, you made an excellent decision going with the Maruzen for your high power setup. As for the M40, your options are somewhat limited. You could do one of three things:

-Buy a Tanaka M40 (gas rifle) and have a somewhat inconsistent weapon, but still reliable in warmer climates.
-Buy a rare Sun Project M40 and upgrade it with rare laylax and PDI parts.
-Buy a Tokyo Marui VSR10 and buy the aftermarket M40A3 stock for it (which likes to crack)

My suggestion is go with the Tanaka if you live in a warm place. Otherwise, you have some part searching and money spending to do. As per the lurking, sometimes it's good to lurk! Get a feel for the forums, read up on some of the basics and such. Thanks for making your first post in the right place and if there's anything else we can do to help feel free to ask.

Very excited, this Sunday I will be going on my first airsoft op, a fellow player is letting me borrow an M14 Socom that he has ( carried one in the military so its more comfortable than the m4). Not in a sniper role but its my first outing in airsoft so Ill go with what I know plus want to show my face to the community. I think the shopping list for my role as a sniper will be a long road... but hell I have time
Hey lowrider, I was a DM too for a while, but then moved onto bigger and better things. Here's some parts for a M14 to get your "DMR" if you want one.

If you really plan on using the DMR for it's intended semi-precision role, you're going to have to upgrade all the internals. Since your essentially just getting a gun for the skeleton there's no sense buying the pricey one. Some one else will have to point you to the internals...that's not really my area.

If you don't really have any major games to go to, just use one of the more expensive and leave it's guts stock. The DMR stock with the M3 replica scope will pull off the look just fine for you.

DMR stock body:
Scope mount:
Flash hider: (not sure if whichever rifle you buy will have one shaped this way, but it's what's on the DMR)
Standard capacity mag: actually holds 80 rather than the "real cap" 20 rounds:
The sling that ties it all together...:
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