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Hello Everyone!

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Hello everyone! My name is David, I reside in the suburbs of New York, about 45 minutes upstate of the city. I have been playing airsoft for only about 9 months, but have been obsessed with it since the age of 10. I purchased my first (good) airsoft gun in January of 2012, a KWA USP Tactical. After seeing my friends (rubbish) AEGs, I became jealous of their ROF and capacity, and went on to purchase an ICS SG551. Never having opening a gearbox before, I installed a few internal upgrades in it, just to solve the reliability issues of ICS guns. The gun was down for about 3 weeks due to a wiring issue, in what time my old neighbor who bought a Echo1 Platinum Edition (now on referred to as "VFC", the OEM) and never used it gave it to me. I soon fell in love with the VFC and took the TBB and H-nub out of my ICS and put it in the VFC, making it my primary weapon. I am in the process of buying the gun, and 4 magazines, for $150 (great deal for a brand new gun). I recently traded my ICS SG551 that I had spent about $400+ in total for a custom built gas L96 sniper. The gun came with 5 magazines, a budget "real steel" 6-24x50 Tasco scope, and.... a MARUZEN MS2 VANISHING SILENCER!!!!! The gun has no specific brand, so I just call it the DAC (Drigz Armory Custom, the guy I bought the gun off of) L96. All I know is that it has an ACU body, and it uses a gas cylinder, so the fill valve is in the cylinder. It shoots 650 FPS with a .2, although I use .4g BB. It has a max range of about 300+ feet. I am in the process of getting it to use KWA fill valve as the one is came with is utter rubbish. I do have some woodland ghillie suit from about 2 years ago, but its too small, so I have to get a new one.

so in summary of that:
-My name is David from Westchester county. catch me at Hudson Valley Airsoft every now and then.
-I have a ghillie suit for camo
KWA USPT NS2- backup
Echo1 (VFC ES) platinum edition, converted to short DMR-esque rifle
DAC Custom Gas L96
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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