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Hello Fellow Techs

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Callsign: Blizzard
Experience: Airsofting since 06, seriously teching since 08. Captain of the 1st Recon Platoon milsim airsoft team since 09.
Arsenal: I've owned over 30 AEG's and several other replicas (shotties, bolts, side-arms, etc.), but AEG's have been my main build focus. I've built ground-up 3 of my primaries (M14, G36, SPR) in the past and am working on my two current projects: Masada, and another M14.

Base - A&K
- SRC cylinder, poly-carb piston, aluminum bearing piston head
- Metal spring guide
- GE Hi-torque motor
- Madbull 407mm 6.03 TBB
- Firefly soft bucking
- M120
- Custom 10.8v battery
- "Radius modded" GB shell
- TM Aimpoint replica on aluminum riser
- JBU Kurz suppressor
- DWC paint job
- G&P VG

Base - CYMA
G&P Proto DMR Kit
G&P Motor
Echo 1 GB (Stock for now)
Promy 500mm TBB
SCS nub
9.6v battery

Loadout: DMR setup - Marpat BDU's and OD rig

I've been looking for a forum of techs who build and innovate high performance Airsoft replicas, not just reassemble upgrades. From what I've read, I think this board fits the bill. Looking forward to learning from the guys with the guns that "reach out and touch people."

Blizzard Out
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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