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As I turned 16 this winter (which is the age you HAVE to be, in order to play airsoft in Denmark), I bought my first sniper rifle, as I have always been interested in marksmen and so on.
It was a spring-powered Well MB44-02D, which I then later upgraded. It shoots around 450 FPS with .20 gram.

My sidearm is a KWC (or CyberGun) M1911 Anniversary edition (or something) that has not been done anything to. Yet. I am planning on upgrading the barrel and the hop-up bucking, but it might not be necessary.
It uses CO2, because, in Denmark, you only get like two weeks of hot weather per year, so a gas pistol wouldn't be great for that.

I usually run with a green fleece, grey pants, some cheap, brown boots, a boonie hat and full face protection (required on most fields in Denmark). I never run with a vest, as I found them too bulky, and I don't want my equipment to slow me down.

I hope you guys had a great summer and that you welcome me here!
See you on the battlefield.

Picture of my two guns:
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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