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Hey I'm new here.

After lurking on your forum for only a week or two I finally decided to register. I'm from upstate (not the city) New York. I am somewhat of an airsoft noob right now having only owned any airsoft guns at all for a few months. I've honestly never even played in a real match yet. I come from the world of Nerf mods and homemades. I am very "mechanically inclined" so working on my guns is enjoyable to me even if I havn't really gotten the chance to use them much yet. I also have some "real steel" and hunting experience.

My guns are: a SWS X28 (clone Echo1 m28) with some light modification (diys, 9ball bucking), a Dboyz m4 (with minor upgrades and diys), and a KWA kp45 ns2.

I hope to make a ghillie suit when i get around to buying the materials, but I currently only have various woodland camo clothing (my hunting clothes).

Thanks for letting me on the forum and I hope to learn a thing or two more than I already have.

P.S. If anyone knows of any good airsoft fields in NY message me or something (hopefully I'll figure out how the messaging works on this site before you do)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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