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Hello from belgium

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Hi my name is Jacko and from belgium..
In real life airforce mechanic but like sniper guns in my free time....
Been in contact with some real guns long time ago and got intrested ..
So now intrested in airsoft what make it possible to practice a bit on target shooting in the backyard..
I own a Dragunov SVD (Real Sword) 448 Fps out of the box...
But looking around what could be the best Mods , to make it shoot at longer range.. So i hope finding here good mods , idee's tips and trick to learn more about airsoft snipers..Greetings to you all..
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Welcome to the forum man.

I've also have the RS SVD and I've decided to keep it stock!
I've only changed the hop up bucking with a Systema, and is better than the stock.

I've read for quite a few broken GBs and ripped pistons with 500+fps springs installed. I'm pretty happy with it in stock form. I'm using it as DMR mostly so it's OK.

The only problem I have with it it's the GB lock up... It gets locked at least once per game, even though it's easy fix it's getting on my nerves! There's an anti lock kit from RS for it but it's out if stock everywhere!

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You may be right... I'm using an 8.4v and the trigger response [email protected]!
But I don't like too much lipo's.

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