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Hello, from Cali

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Been playing the game for about 6 or 7 years. Ever since I started playing i've been obsessed with accuracy. Never much cared for bolt actions and so I usually roll with my fusion engine based dmr. I joined primarily to keep up with the latest rends in regards to accuracy in airsoft and also to compare my results with others. :)
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wyvernfist said:
Welcome! Whereabouts in Cali?
Menifee, Riverside County. Nice and far from any big airsoft fields, except for Jericho! (" title=border="0"/>
wolfgeorge said:
Welcome, I'd like to see your P* Fusion setup

Sure! Sorry for the quality. Best I can do.

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It started life as a jg m16, I want to say 6 years ago or something. Sadly nothing is left of it now...except that flashhider

But anyway, some of the externals where bought used so take that into consideration. Rough estimate would be around 900usd for everything? The p* drop in will cost you about $450 last I checked and a good air rig will usually be around 150-200.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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