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Hello, My name is Michael. Call sign is Headline. I am a sniper for Robot Cookie Airsoft, my local airsoft team. I own the UTG L96, probably going to end up selling for a Maruzen. I am new to this forum, and because none really knows me here this is my formal introduction.

I have been airsofting for about 2 years now (Not counting the 2 years i was a noob). During my times of noobtation (New word xD) I owned a UTG M14 Running 0.12 and a 8.4 volt. That gun, even though it sucked, was incredibly reliable. It ran strong for 2 years. I loved that thing, until I decided to open up the gearbox and broke it beyond repair, I learned a big lesson there . I have always been drawn to snipers and like I have said before I have the L96 and a JG M4 Stubby Tanker that has upgraded gear set and a ECHO 1 Max Speed Motor.

Yeah, thats me. Thanks for waisting your time reading this :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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