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hello from Canada!!

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Hey everyone, I'm glad to be apart of yet another great looking forum.

To start off I'll talk a little bit about myself.
I've been airsofting for almost three years now. First serious gun I bought was a WELL mb07, at the time when I bought it I though, hmm airsoft sniper rifle, now I can get everyone at long distances. That wasn't the case. But I learned a lot through that gun and since then I've upgraded it a fair amount with PDI parts. Although its still not finished I have moved away from that project for a bit. Anyway currently I own a fairly large airsoft gun collection, I own,

-x2 WELL mb07
-G&G top tech commando
-CYMA AKa-74u (my first project AEG, and also on my list of projects to complete)
-WE Px4
-wingun .357 revolver
-Tokyo Marui G18c
-Classic Army M24 (my most loved gun of all)
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Hello fellow canadian and ca m24 owner welcome to the forum !
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