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Hello from Drum

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Name: Sam

Callsign: Drum

Experience: One year of airsoft in the Assault role

Arsenal: UTG MK96 (will be putting in edgi tbb, pdi hopup), KWA SR12, AGM M4 CQBR (300fps)

Camo: For now, just Woodland or MARPAT BDUs.

Other Hobbies: Playing Drums, Listening to Music, Working Out, Basically things outside are cool

I airsoft in Maryland.
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Like silent said before me .... WELCOME!

Hope you enjoy the madness and everything that we have to offer here.
Ignore what woogie said about the madness. If you want madness go over to airsoft forum and jump around like unrestrained apes over there. This is for the refined airsoft sniper(don't want to sound snooty but that is what it says in the beginner section). But that is besides the point WELCOME.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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