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Name: Otso

Call sign: Oderfa

Experience:I have been playing airsoft for about 6years and most of the time with bolt actions.

You're arsenal:Maruzen aps-2 SV ~2,5j

-FF Aero chamber(Marui, PDI, Guarder hard, Firefly soft buckings)
-Prometheus 6,03 EG barrel(460mm)
-KA light weight trigger
-Guarder black piston head(FF red piston head)
-FF 3-element piston
-FF bolt handle
-FF teflon cylinder
-FF cylinder head
-FF spring guide
-FF sp150 spring
-FF barrel spacer x2(+1 DIY)

-Tasco 4-16x50E scope
-KA bipods
-KA 200mm silencer
-Home made cheek rest(holds easily two aps-2 mags)

My secondary is Tm m1911 which I got from a friend for 10e ::)
-3 mag
-9ball piston head

Your camo: I bought my ghillie from a local player who had made it over MFH cloak(same as webtex concealment vest?) just as I was looking for. After that I have modded it lot for my preferences.

What are your other hobbies?: I Have played football for 12years now and I also like to play games on xbox360

I wasn't very lucky when I bought my first aps(OR) because I basically got robbed then. I didn't have enough knowledge about guns so I couldn't check internals and I JUST WANTED IT so I was ''blind'' and payed so over price. Now few years later I still have it and I'm selling it for parts. I have seen how bs it was and the seller had lied to me a lot(said something was PDI when it was K2 and stuff like that). Well sh*t happens and I took the good parts from it to my new rifle, APS-2 SV which I bought for 150e(it had PDI hopup).

I got it about 1,5 year ago and have upgraded basically everything on it but I still have problems with it. For some reason I'm not getting it to shoot consistency. Some shots go straight but some go low, hig left, righ... No idea what it could be. I have tried many buckings but no succes(advices please).

Sometimes I play on the same fields as evilfish and he may remember me(probably not) and I'm thinking of getting an SV98 stock from evilfishs friend. Not sure about it thou because then I would have to paint silencer, barrel ect. black and buy new scope... :'(

Now to the pictures:

Aps-2 SV(Pictures are old and I have painted the cheek rest)

Me in my ghillie:

Hopefully you guys get the main points of my texts because english isn't my strongest language.


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I have tested madbull, guarder, action army and vanaras .40g but guarder/vanaras have probably been the best ones. However I have heard from local store seller(muovisotilas) that basically all of the .40g are made in the same factory ... And that there were a bad shipment...

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0.4 bbs, even though better in long range shots, aren't always the right choice for best accuracy, 0.3 bbs are usually very nice quality compared to 0.4, might want to try 0.3. Do you wash your bbs or bucking? Washing bucking with warm soapy water and rewashing with warm water should give better consistency on your accuracy and more spin. To wash your bbs, put them in a bottle, wash bbs with dish deterrent (in finnish, tiskinpesuaine) and water, rewash with water few times, then let them airdry, they dry slowly, you might want put them on top of fireplace etc.

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Usually mods welcome quite much, patience young padawan. ;)
I don't know about aps 2, but firefly and nineball buckings are good on vsr-10, so if you find those for aps 2, you should try them.
Wash the bucking with soap, not dish deterrent.
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