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Hello from GA

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Well my name is Phillip, callsign AUGer as that was my first, and for a long time, only gun and still is my primary weapon. I am currently living in the "great" state of Georgia.

I'm 27 and have been playing for 8 years with 4 years of military experience as a UAV operator. I flew the Shadow 200 system. So I got the basics for combat training. Movement under fire, taking buildings etc, etc.

My current primary is a TM AUG A2. It's my general use weapon and has been since I started playing. The only thing I've done to it has been put a red dot on it and upgraded it to 400 FPS. I also have a TM AK-47 that is stock but is down because of a broken stock. The sniper weapon I'm trying to get fixed is a CA M15A4 that I've turned, externally at least, into an SPR. It still needs a lot of work to get up to speed but I'm getting there. My backup for all those guns is a KJW M9 which I love but only have one mag I can use as I thought it would be a good idea to loose the other one in the woods somewhere. Not fun.

I'm making my kit into a DMR rather then a full blown sniper. I have a multicam vest and pouches but because the uniforms are so much money I'm still running around in my old ACU uniforms. Makes me very noticeable unfortuitly.
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Hey, great intro post.

This might come in handy for your m9:

This has saved me from having to worry about my mags falling out of my pistol, when the holster is pressed up against the mag release. Cheap investment that could save you hundreds in the long run.
Thanks for that! Be nice to have a loaded pistol again for when I really need it.
Welcome man.

Sounds like you have a fun job with the UAV's.

Hope you find all that you want and all that you could need here on the forum.
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