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Hey guys,
I´m inQntrol or Silas in real life.
Ive got a WELL MB03, which is completely upgraded and has the following parts:
  • Action Army VSR10 Spring Hop Up Unit and Bucking
  • Begadi 6.03mm VSR stainless steel tuning barrel -499mm
  • PPS VSR-10 CNC steel cylinder
  • Action Army M150 spring for spring sniper rifles
  • PPS VSR10 Alu Piston
  • PPS Springguide with bearings
  • Swiss Arms 4x40 Scope
it shoots around 3.3 Joule with 0.43g BBs from ASG (what i´m currently using).

I also have an ARES Amoeba S1 Striker which im upgrading with the following parts:
  • Edgi Custom Works Ares Striker S1 Dual Bore Barrel (550mm)(601/605)
  • Bespoke Cylinder kit (pre- ordered, not yet released)
  • AED 90 degree sears
  • AS- SP500 Spring
  • barrel spacers
  • Action Army hop up unit and either PDI bucking or Maple Leaf bucking
  • cheap 3-9x scope, i got for free
The parts for the Striker are all ordered and will be put together, once the last part (the Bespoke cyllinder kit) arrives.

these are my two babies:

and this was from a recent game, with my TM Hi-Capa 5.1:

For now, my WELL is my weapon of choice but once my Striker is all upgraded, im looking to switch over to that.
the WELL still gives me a headache sometimes but thats for the other section of the forum or can i also ask questions right here? Don`t wanna mess up on my first post :lmao:

Thanks for reading and greetings from Germany :tup:
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