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Hello from Greece (Dulas)

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Good morning everyone

My name is Costas (Dulas)

Please excuse me because my English is not very good :-[

Read the forum some time here, and finally it was time to do my first post.

I am from Greece, 33 years old and steeped in the airsoft since 2006

After so long now it is time I deal with sniping because I think that to get someone uses many fps should first have enough experience to avoid accidents

New player with many fps and a little experience in fighting usually does not bring good results

For the moment I have in my possession two SVD DRAGUNOV, one of A & K and one of ATOZ (A2Z) for sniping
ATOZ prefer, the A & K got more to spare ;)

If I get some time I will make a comparison between the two

The rest of the AEG is an M-249, an AK-47s, two AKS-74U, one MP-5 PDW, one AK-105, two AUG A1 and A2, one AKMSU "FARKAS," one G-36C, two M- 4, and some hand guns

Unfortunately in Greece, the players engaged in sniping is minimal, most prefer to simply throw BBs
This is because in recent years many shops selling cheap Chinese airsoft guns and all have a forum, a result not so interested in quality players but how many will sell AEG and result in bad quality of the players.

So the older players avoid open public games, and prefer a private scenarios

And some photos here

Almost ten years ago ...

Once i find most recent photos i will upload here.

Of these the only ones I still use is ghillie
and the scope.

The gun does not play, it was a lot of fps

That's it for now, and I wish to say again soon

Dulas :)
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Welcome fellow sniper....
We've talk through PM's... You'll find here great guys and tons of info.
I feel sorry for you being from Athens... and have there that stupid 330fps limit for all guns!!
If you ever come to northern Greece drop me a call at the phone I gave you.
και τελος ...ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΡΕ ΓΑΜΩΤΟ!!!

Nice collection man love the ghillie... I'm building one now cause the first ruined "accidentally" by my wife!!
It's nice to hear you're using "limitless" your guns.
By the way is the AtoZ the new version or the older one?

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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