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Hey Guys! Im Vardis ( you can call me john). I registered after finding this awesome forum.
Ive been playing airsoft for the Last couple of years, i got into sniping after i found out that i am not that bad at moving around silently and patiently looking for my opponent, so i got into the Marksman/sniper role. i do i have a Jack Pyke LLCS but have been thinking of making my own ghillie suit (feel free to comment , i like people wh o comment on my actions so i can better my self) and i use a friends Well L96 with a couple of upgrades (hoping to buy my own rifle soon).

I currently live in Greece and play in very green bushy land scapes with a couple of trees.

Anyway i have a feeling im gonna have a great time on this forum and sorry if my intro was a bit long :-/
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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